Proper Nutrition for Athletes

Proper nutrition is an essential part of living a healthy life; this is even truer for athletes. People who are more active or are engaged in a sport need to have a well-balanced diet. Including the nutrition that the body needs will help you stay healthy and energized. Today, obtaining proper nutrition is not difficult to achieve; with the help of scientists and nutritionists, there is a wide variety of nutrition plans to choose from. Without … [Read More...]


Low Carb Fat Loss Diet Recipe

Great Meal - High Nutrients - Omegas and Yummy This video about low carb fat loss diet recipes was produced by Chris Mohr of Mohr Results Dr. Mohr is the owner of Mohr Results, Inc, a nutrition and fitness consulting company. He is a sports nutrition consultant to the University of Louisville and was the sports nutritionist at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has also lectured to professional teams, including the Washington … [Read More...]

Protein Bars

Protein Bars: Are they Healthy? Protein Bars Defined What are protein bars? Protein bars, also known as "diet" bars, are just one of the nutrition bars widely available nowadays. They are a replacement meal especially made for weightlifters as well as dieters who are exceptionally conscious with their figure, weight and shape. These bars contain high levels of protein and low carbohydrate content to help one build muscle and at the … [Read More...]

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10 Healthy Habits for 2013

Are you looking to improve your life? Get healthier? Feel better? Here are 10 Healthy Habits for 2013 to adopt this year for a happier, healthier, and … [Read More...]

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Weight Lifting Supplements

Although the widely shared opinion is that no significant muscle gain can be achieved without weight lifting … [Read More...]


Low Carb Protein Shakes

Protein Shake for a Healthy Diet What do you think when you hear shake? For most, the first thing that … [Read More...]


Healthy Eating 101

Around the world, many diseases related to unhealthy eating are becoming major concerns. In fact, the … [Read More...]


Nutrition For Football Players

Football Players Football has long been called the favorite sport of America, and judging from the millions … [Read More...]

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