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Football has long been called the favorite sport of America, and judging from the millions of fans who proudly where their team’s jersey to watch the games, I believe it. While football is a team sport, individual football players stand out from the rest and get the recognition.

It doesn’t mater if we are talking about a high school team, college team, or a professional team. In many instances the football players that get recognized are the quarterbacks, the running backs with amazing speed, and the defense players who rack up tackle after tackle.

Yet behind the scenes there is plenty of work that goes into being a successful football player. There are rigorous practices that push your body to the limit. There is plenty of running, eating right, and watching games to learn from past mistakes. There are plenty of plays to learn as well so that you know exactly what needs to be done out there on the field.

The game of football is very competitive, and one that most football players view as a way of life rather than just a sport. The biggest risk for a football player is injuries. A significant injury can result in missing several games or an entire season. It can also result in the need for surgery or physical therapy. Even with all the protective equipment worn during practices and games, football players are quite vulnerable.

American’s love their football players and show it by spending millions of dollars in the industry for football cards, jerseys, game tickets, autographed pictures, magazines, and footballs. The cost of such items greatly increase when the football player belongs to a winning team that took the Super Bowl title recently. As football players retire or change teams their items are harder to find so they are more expensive as well.

In the NFL the best football players are the ones that get interviewed after the games as well as on the sports shows. They are also the players that get to represent their teams in the Pro Bowl each year. Many football players use their celebrity status to help raise awareness and money for various charity organizations and education programs.

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